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You just booked your very first wedding. Now what? Be you are feeling a little nervous — anxious about light the reception, then posing a slightly-awkward few, or even picking the right lens for your service. We’re not going to assist you with some of this. Time, experience, and experimentation can earn you your personality and technique. To rock your first wedding, there’s one thing you must do: prepare chaos. These wedding photography advice for beginners will allow you to do exactly that! Photo by EM + STEVE POGOZELSKI of POGO PHOTO With the ideal prep, you will be able even the wildest party with course — and make beautiful photographs regardless of the challenges. Tip #1: Make It lawful One of the biggest beginner mistakes that a photographer can make when photographing weddings is not having a signed contract. When you have a legally binding contract, it places an agreement between you and the client. When your customer signs a contract, then it means that they concur with your role and duties for your wedding. The contract clearly says your tasks and exactly what your clients will receive. It acts as a protection to both parties, especially since there’s money involved. In case you haven’t already, make your booking legit with a signed contract and paid retainer. You can do both through ShootProof, using the attorney-drafted contract template from ShootProof’s Marketplace and the Invoices feature. If you have already gathered a wedding photography tips for beginning photographers signed contract and retainer: congratulations! Level up! Tip #2: Maintain Your Lines of Communication Open Behind every scheduled wedding photography take is a collection of questions, reservations, and payment negotiations. It all starts with effective communication so that you can perform all of the necessary preparations and set expectations with the customer. Make sure that clients have a way to contact you; it may be through telephone, email, or social media. Respond Instantly When you are just starting out, it can feel frightening responding to messages. There are instances once the customer will not react straight away, which could make you worried that you just said something wrong. Do not worry, this is ordinary. Bear in mind, your couples ‘ are in the middle of arranging a wedding, so that they have a lot happening! Though they may take time to answer for youpersonally, it’s important that you focus on answering them as swiftly as possible. The better the experience you provide them through the process, the more likely they are to refer you to friends! Send a Questionnaire Leading to the marriage, send your couple a detailed questionnaire asking questions to help you fully understand what will be happening on their wedding day. Ensure you Know Just What time coverage begins, the places you need to be throughout the day, the names of significant family members and those at the wedding party, any specific images your client pictured, when coverage ends

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