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Casual players can still enjoy the plot immensely, whereas more invested players will find something to dig into time and time again. The game has four different playable characters, each of which presents a different story for the player, so there is plenty of replay value. Players have a time limit of an hour in which to escape the ship and are able to take additional survivors with them. Games like The Last of Us“legitimize” gaming as an art form through their stories, but they’re not the end-all, be-all. Even dating back to the Super Nintendo, one can find games that beat out a title like The Last of Us when it comes to story.

And it was all topped off with some raw emotion infused into the mix. I struggled between choosing X or X2 for my list, as both of them have spectacular soundtracks that should not be missed out on, but in the end I went with X. The Mega Man X soundtracks have probably influenced my music more than anything else in the world. I?m being totally serious here, and if you have heard any of my music, you know that I speak truth. From the moment the title screen booted up and the hauntingly chilling music began, I knew that I was in for something special with Super Metroid.

  • Probably some of the best co-op in PVP from back in the day.
  • Players can move around a large open world map, combating enemies accruing experience points and equipment, and going on numerous side quests in what is a well-developed high fantasy world.
  • Any fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise has to, at least once in their lifetime, play this most glorious of beat ’em ups.
  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors remains the pride and joy of the LucasArts lineup of SNES games, one of the many jewels in the crown from way back when it was actually a developer and not another notch in the Disney belt.
  • The gameplay is well designed and surprisingly deep for the SNES, and holds up extremely well even for modern tastes.

That said, its complexity is absolutely a strength as it keeps players guessing all the way to the end. Featuring several twists and turns, Terranigma’s ending is truly breathtaking and will stick with players until long after the credits roll. Few games can tug on the heartstrings so well, but Terranigma does it with a frequency and a poignancy only the greats are capable of achieving.

Above all else, a good video game story doesn’t distract from gameplay while also using gameplay as a means of progression. I liked Mega Man X, just not as much as the original series games. I do prefer MM7 yes, though I didn’t think that was as good as the NES series.

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This may very well be my favorite game of all time, and this is in no small part to the immersion factor. Modern games may claim higher levels of immersion, but I will put this 16-bit gem against any of them, any time. Samus Aran was an isolated women on an alien planet, and the soundtrack made me feel her plight in my bones.

I just prefer the more straightforward style of the original series over X’s craziness, however I’m still interested enough that I plan to track down a copy of the Mega Man X Collection to try out the other X games. I mentioned above that punk rock is one of my major influences. Well, Mega Man X music is essentially punk rock music in video game form, and how could that not be awesome? Ripping ?guitars?, crashing drums, pounding bass lines, dual lead harmonizing solos; this is some seriously intense stuff.

Its second half is action-packed from start to finish, managing to tell a time travel story that not only makes sense but actually has a good emotional center to it. More importantly, the playable character Adol is so integral to how the plot unfolds that it constantly feels as if the player is making both gameplay and narrative progress. The script is easily the game’s biggest strength, skyrocketed by Shigesato Itoi’s talents as a writer. Earthbound is layered with complex themes, but it isn’t so complex where it’s difficult to understand.

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By the final battle, the game has crafted an epic plot chronicling two generations. The land of Jugdral has a level of depth that other Fire Emblem games have yet to live up to. Plus, it’s here when the series’ character writing started to get especially good.

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