There is no freedom of the press when it comes to President Erdogan

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There is no freedom of the press when it comes to President Erdogan

With both values, however, Rational exceeded the expectations of the analysts, who had expected even less.

Because restaurants and hotels in many countries had to close due to the pandemic or could only operate to a limited extent, numerous Rational customers and thus the company itself were severely affected. The willingness of customers to invest was sometimes significantly impaired, it said.

What does Annemarie Carpendale look like? The presenter presented herself with a new hairstyle on an Instagram picture and received many compliments from her followers. 

Born 1977: These celebrities are the same age

Photo series with 14 pictures

The 41-year-old has said goodbye to her straight hair for the time being. Now the wife of actor Wayne Carpendale wears her whale mane much more curly. “Happy day”, she writes about a picture on her Instagram profile that shows her with her new head of hair. To do this, she uses the hashtag #curlyhair. 

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The new look is well received by the fans of the TV star. “Looks great on you, the hairstyle,” writes a user. Another follower says: “Such beautiful hair. Great picture.” “Looks great on you,” is another comment. “What hair color is that?” A fan wants to know. 

With ruffles: Wayne Carpendale shows in Annemarie’s panties A bikini photo and more: Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale in paradise

Annemarie Carpendale should be happy about the comments. She became a mother for the first time in May 2018 and is currently enjoying the time with her little son to the full. The presenter and her husband Wayne let the fans participate in family life on Instagram. 

Sources used: Annemarie Carpendale’s Instagram profile

The Chancellor’s refugee policy is too soft for many CDU supporters. But instead of Merkel, Union campaigners prefer the Green Kretschmann. But he defends himself against allegations that he is stalking Merkel.

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Despite internal opposition to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy, the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag is trying to achieve unity before the state elections. In a closed meeting in Berlin, according to participants, the initially expected heated debate about last week’s EU summit did not take place. In Brussels, apart from the agreement on a new special summit with Turkey, there was next to no result for overcoming the refugee crisis.

The parliamentary group leadership meanwhile went to confront Baden-Württemberg’s Green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, who demonstratively supports Merkel. According to surveys, the Greens even have a chance of overtaking the CDU in their home country for the first time.

Kretschmann: “There is so much at stake”

Kretschmann had said at the end of January: “Which of your counterparts in the EU should hold Europe together if it falls? There is nobody in sight. That’s why I pray every day that the Chancellor will stay healthy.”

Nevertheless, the Prime Minister has now rejected allegations from the CDU, on which the newspaper “Die Welt” reported, that he was downright stalking Merkel. Like Merkel, he is only fighting for the refugee crisis to be resolved at European level, he said in Stuttgart. “There is so much at stake.”

Hope for green approval in the Federal Council

Union parliamentary group manager Michael Grosse-Brömer said he hoped that Kretschmann would now support Merkel in the Federal Council in expanding the list of safe countries of origin to include Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.persuasive essay community service The rate for the recognition of asylum seekers from these countries is very low.

Without the approval of the regional chamber – with the votes of the Greens – the grand coalition cannot expand the list. CSU regional group leader Gerda Hasselfeldt emphasized that the expansion could have been decided this week with the asylum package II in the Bundestag if the SPD and the Greens did not oppose it.

Union votes for stricter asylum law

According to the participants, the CDU and CSU MPs voted unanimously in their meeting – with two abstentions – for Asylum Package II, which is to be passed in the Bundestag on Thursday. It provides for massive tightening of asylum law, including rapid procedures for certain groups of refugees and temporary restrictions on family reunification for immigrants with a lower protection status.

Despite considerable reservations, the SPD parliamentary group also wants to support the tightening of asylum in the Bundestag with a large majority. In one vote on Tuesday there were 20 votes against and 4 abstentions. The group has a total of 193 members.

Kauder denounces delays by Greens

The SPD should not offer a target in a moment when the CDU and CSU are at odds, said parliamentary group leader Thomas Oppermann, according to participants. “We agree in principle, those in the Union disagree in principle.”

Union parliamentary group leader Volker Kauder (CDU) said that the Greens were shirking responsibility for the state elections in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt on March 13th. CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber said: “In the election campaign we have to make it clear who is responsible for this delay. It is not enough just to pray for the Chancellor – you also have to do your part to solve the problems.”

Merkel rejects refugee quotas

The CDU top candidate in the southwest, Guido Wolf, called for national daily updated refugee contingents at the weekend. Merkel rejects that. Hasselfeldt emphasized that the advance by Wolf and the Rhineland-Palatinate CDU leader Julia Klöckner on contingents based on the Austrian model and the establishment of border centers for the distribution of asylum seekers corresponded to the basic idea of ??the CSU.

Chancellor speaks power: CDU should not demand any national border measures for the time being. Spahn: “That is nonsense”: Young CDU politicians are forming ” according to ” Spiegel ” against Merkel’s statement about “rule of injustice”: Oppermann: Seehofer tells the same nonsense as the AfD

If the number of refugees does not fall in the next few weeks, the federal government wants to quickly readjust, said Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU). After the EU-Turkey summit and the EU summit on March 18, it will be possible to assess whether the new measures on the sea border between Turkey and Greece are effective. But even if this is not the case, de Maizière and Merkel prefer European measures to national measures.

Her fans would not have expected this news: Sophia Thomalla is leaving Germany and moving to the Bosporus. And that of all people. 

This is how Sophia Thomalla has changed over time

Photo series with 13 pictures

Sophia Thomalla is freshly in love with Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius. Both celebrate their love openly on Instagram. But that’s not all, because now the daughter of actress Simone Thomalla is taking an even bigger step. Sophia moves from Berlin to Istanbul for her loved one. The reason: Loris Karius was loaned to Besiktas Istanbul. 

“Turkey is beautiful”

“Bild” says the 29-year-old now: “Loris can hardly come to Germany because of the training and the games. As a player, I have to cut back on that.” In order to avoid long-distance relationships, she also moved to Turkey without further ado. The Berliner says about her new home: “Turkey is beautiful, great restaurants, nice people.”

He died a year ago: Simone Thomalla mourns her father, you rarely see her so happy: Sophia Thomalla models for Loris Karius 

Nevertheless, she has already got to know the negative sides of the country. “There is no freedom of the press when it comes to President Erdogan. But they write what they want about everyone else. Only now do I know how good I am in Germany,” says Sophia Thomalla. You should not miss your fans in this country. She wants to keep her apartment in the capital. 

Sources used: “Image”: “I am now almost half-Turkish” (fee required)

Four days after the accident with four dead on a construction site in Denklingen, Upper Bavaria, it is clear how the four died: “The autopsy showed that three of the men were crushed,” said a police spokeswoman on Tuesday morning. “They died from their multiple injuries.” The fourth victim was said to have suffocated.

On Friday, a ceiling with formwork collapsed during concrete casting work in the town in the Landsberg am Lech district. Some of the workers were buried under rubble and molten concrete. Any help came too late for them. According to the police, the dead were a 16-year-old – possibly a trainee -, a 34-year-old and two 37-year-old men. Among them should be family fathers.

The state government has made more money available for its support program for climate protection. “Since the funding of 1.6 million euros, which was estimated for three years, was almost exhausted after a few months, the program was increased by one million euros,” said Environment Minister Jan Philipp Albrecht (Greens) on Monday. The great response shows that people are ready to invest in climate protection.

In the first funding period from June to August, almost 1.4 million euros have already flowed into private investments in climate protection. According to the ministry, more than 2,150 applicants in the country benefited from this.

There are subsidies, for example, for cargo bikes, charging points for electric cars, electricity storage, photovoltaic balcony systems, solar thermal systems, non-fossil heating systems and rainwater cisterns. Up to 50 percent of the acquisition costs are funded. For a cargo bike, the grant is limited to 400 euros. A power storage system can be subsidized with 800 euros and an additional 200 euros for installation and connection costs. There is also money for the installation of a district heating connection or the construction of a green roof.

Albrecht emphasized, “Climate protection begins in your own four walls and in your own garage”. The prerequisite for funding is that the invoice was issued after June 9th. Only one application is possible per person and measure.

The SPD climate protection politician Thomas Hölck spoke of a “green playground” and “blobs” that Albrecht was seriously celebrating as a contribution to the energy transition. He accused the government of neglecting the expansion of green electricity and grids. Private grants preferred property owners. “However, effective climate protection must benefit everyone, and not just the green clientele in the single-family housing estate to get a few grants for their investments in a clear conscience.”

The SPD in the Kiel state parliament criticizes the break in the state’s funding program for climate-friendly purchases by citizens. The transport politician Kai Vogel referred this particularly to charging stations for electric cars (wall boxes). The Ministry of the Environment had indicated that no further funding applications could be processed until the end of autumn, Vogel told the German Press Agency. “This means that nobody can be certain of whether funding for the wallbox will be successful at all.”

This is counterproductive in view of the federal measures, said Vogel. Because the federal government is granting increased funding for the purchase of electric cars until the end of the year. This should accompany the country. In addition, the federal government has decided that the installation of wall boxes in apartment buildings or apartment buildings can no longer be refused without a valid reason.

With the program launched in June, the state gives grants for the purchase of cargo bikes, e-charging stations for cars, electricity storage systems, photovoltaic balcony systems, solar thermal systems and non-fossil heating systems. Almost 2,500 applications had been received by mid-August.

Then Minister Jan Philipp Albrecht (Greens) declared the first stage over and announced a revision of the program. During this time, no new applications could be submitted, those submitted would be processed further and new ones could follow in autumn once the new funding guidelines are available. The goal is to feed in new money this year, said a ministry spokesman now. This will definitely happen no later than next year.

“The advice from the ministry that it could not process the flood of applications unfortunately does not speak in favor of such a professional list as would be necessary,” said the SPD politician Vogel. “It is a shame if this discourages individuals from switching from a combustion vehicle to an electric car in 2020.” According to the ministry, 704 wallboxes have been subsidized with the aid of the state program. The state will provide 1.2 million euros for further funding in the overall program, not just for the charging stations.

The opposition left has accused the state government of strolling around with solar energy. In the coalition agreement, the SPD and CDU had resolved to present guidelines for the expansion of solar thermal and photovoltaics in 2016, said the energy policy spokesman for the left in the state parliament, Mignon Schwenke, in parliament on Wednesday.

The use of agricultural land for photovoltaic systems should therefore be regulated, a potential register for all areas and a master plan for the use of the roofs of public buildings should be presented. But one year before the next state elections in 2021, nothing can be seen.

You have serious doubts that the plans will still be implemented, said Schwenke. While other federal states are pushing ahead with their activities in the expansion of solar energy, the “huge potential” in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania continues to remain untapped.

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