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They provide opportunities for student feedback and assistance through video. This is helpful for students who are unable to attend classes, or who need tutoring or review sessions. Digital videos facilitate remote learning opportunities so that teachers can reach students from all over the world. They offer the flexibility to pause, rewind, or skip throughout the video to have class discussions or review particular areas. The benefits of using videos in an educational setting are numerous.

If you are serious about selling online courses, if you have tried other platforms and you are tired of commissions and upgrades cutting your profit margins down, Teachery is for you. You’ll have full functionality, a dedicated team to support you and all future upgrades and improvements within the platform will be included in the existing plan. Overall, this is the best option for building a community around your courses, with the live chats, forums and marketing tools.

An informative campus tour video can mean the difference between a student choosing to apply to your school and nixing it from the list because of a transportation barrier. The use of videos in teaching and learning serves to not only benefit students, but also teachers, their affiliated institutions, and the entire school system. A 2015 study conducted by software company Kaltura concluded that 93% of teachers believe that the use of educational videos improves the learning experience. They also serve to break down barriers, such as student and campus location, which were once insurmountable. Catalin did a great job at recommending the right ecommerce platform and kickstarting our marketing. Skillshare is excellent for beginners who want to get started fast without having to worry about automation tools and email marketing tools.

Accept credit cards and PayPal to sell your courses, and tap into the several marketing features like the affiliate program, email marketing and live webinar. The Academy of Mine platform is one of our top choices when it comes to making your own online courses and selling them online. This is an all-in-one solution, meaning that it provides a full website for you to launch your brand and start selling courses online. I like Thinkific for anyone interested in making a completely new online course. The interface is clean and powerful, and you get all the tools needed to build your store without the requirements of your own hosting or website. This app is for those who have found that Gumroad, or other competitors, are either too complex or they force you to pay high transaction fees.

You can access everything to project community forums, to video lessons, and more. This platform comes with a membership plan for students that offers access to a wide range of premium courses. As for creators, if you’re not looking to build your own external course website, Skillshare gives you the ease of use that you’re looking for if you want to sign up and publish an online course. Skillshare is a well-known tool for anyone who wants to sell online courses to their email list for a monthly fee. If you’re looking for an online teaching platform that allows you to expand your course business opportunities and teach new skills with ease, then this could be the option for you. One of the most exciting things about LearnDash is that it’s a WordPress plugin. This means you can add it straight to your existing WordPress site, without having to worry about download WinRAR for Windows building your own environment from scratch.

Their convenience and versatility make them an asset to students, teachers, and educational institutions alike, whether elementary, high school, or higher levels. Teachers can use videos to deliver course information that can be extremely helpful in opening up class time. Lectures and other introductory information can be viewed before class, which allows for more practice- and skill-related class activities.

  • Try turning your video content into short GIFs and memes to get others sharing it alongside popular tags to promote your video in a unique way.
  • Twitter have similar functionality when it comes to attracting new visitors using hashtags.
  • Struggling to decide on which platform best suits your needs?

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This user-friendly solution comes with access to tools that allow you to create multi-tier courses where you can deliver content according to a person’s knowledge. Udemy is by far the most popular solution for building and selling courses online. It’s been known to have mixed reviews online, but its network is unmatched for bringing in more students and boosting your sales. Building your course is all done in the Udemy dashboard, and when you’re done, it gives you access to the millions of potential students in the Udemy community.

These videos are accessible at the student’s convenience and can be watched numerous times to assist with coursework and skill mastery. Potential students and their families may not be able to physically visit the areas surrounding the campus. Creating short videos showcasing the landmarks, history, and culture of their prospective new town can help them feel more at home and get acclimated quicker. This might even help support the economic development of the town, by highlighting local delicacies, popular shops, and restaurants. Short video clips containing interactive maps, prominent campus personalities, and important traditions and landmarks can be a great way to introduce students and their families to your facility. This is a great solution for students who are unable to visit in person.

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