Rasmussen told the Copenhagen newspaper “Politiken”: “There are groups among the Taliban with whom one can speak in an attempt to create reconciliation in Afghanistan.” But it is also clear that there is a hard core that only has respect for military power and is out of the question for agreements.

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Rasmussen told the Copenhagen newspaper “Politiken”: “There are groups among the Taliban with whom one can speak in an attempt to create reconciliation in Afghanistan.” But it is also clear that there is a hard core that only has respect for military power and is out of the question for agreements.

At the beginning of the week, the rapid downward trend came to a halt: In the morning, a barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea variety Brent cost $ 60.12. That was $ 1.32 more than before the weekend. The price of US crude oil of the reference grade West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose 71 cents to $ 51.13. Since the beginning of October, the prices for US oil and Brent oil have both plummeted by about 30 percent. Market observers spoke of a supply that was still too high.

Oil production in Saudi Arabia is cited as one of the reasons for this. After US President Donald Trump repeatedly asked the country on the Persian Gulf to increase production against the background of comparatively high gasoline prices in the US, experts currently see Saudi oil production at a record level. At the beginning of December, the OPEC countries meet to discuss further funding policies. Source: ntv.de, mmo / DJ / dpa “” “” Headquarters of Haniel Holding. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The investments in retail cost the family holding Haniel a lot of money: Metro and Ceconomy pull the annual result deep into the red. In 2019, however, Haniel wants to return to profitability – and distribute dividends for 2018. Its investments in the retail groups Metro and Ceconomy have pulled the Duisburg-based family holding Haniel deep into the red.

Write-downs on the wholesale giant and the electronics trading holding of over one billion euros resulted in a loss after taxes of 848 million euros for the Duisburg-based company in 2018, as Haniel announced. Haniel had to write valuation adjustments of 654 on the 22.71 percent stake in Ceconomy alone Make millions of euros. At the parent company of the electronics retail chains Media Markt and Saturn, profit warnings and a management crisis had caused a massive price decline. The Metro share also had to give up – but here the outgoing Haniel boss Stephan Gemkow initiated the exit, while Haniel was able to increase sales and operating profit significantly. “The results from the financial investments overlaid this positive development and that was disappointing for Haniel”, Gemkow admitted.

The former Lufthansa manager will resign from his position at the top of Haniel at the end of June, his successor is Haniel board member Thomas Schmidt. Gemkow had started to withdraw from the Metro stake last year, which had already caused high losses for the Duisburgers in 2012. He has already sold 7.3 percent of the Metro shares from the Haniel fund to a holding company owned by the Czech lignite billionaire Daniel Kretinsky; he can purchase the remaining 15.2 percent via an option.application biology essay writing service This means that Haniel would be saying goodbye to Metro in the summer after more than 50 years, but things went better for Haniel away from the two retail holdings. The Duisburg-based portfolio includes the raw materials trader ELG, a majority stake in the mail order company Takkt and the hygiene subsidiary CWS Boco.

Sales climbed by 13 percent to 4.683 billion euros, operating income (Ebita) rose – supported by gains at CWS Boco – by 19 percent to 301 million euros distribute a dividend of 60 million euros to the retained earnings, which result from the unused portion of the retained earnings from the previous year and a withdrawal from retained earnings. As a result, the shareholders of Franz Haniel Cie. GmbH will continue to receive a dividend of EUR 3.00 for each EUR 50 stake. Haniel also has around EUR 1.4 billion for acquisitions. In the current year Haniel expects a significant increase in the operating result, Ceconomy and Metro are expected to make a positive contribution to the investment result again after the high impairment losses: “Therefore, a significant increase in earnings before and after taxes is expected for the entire 2019 financial year.” Source: ntv .de, shu / rts “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of commodity trading In commodities trading, experts are looking at alarming signals from China: In the Middle Kingdom, prices for iron ore and steel drop unexpectedly sharply at the beginning of the week. Traders fear a collapse in demand inside the huge economy. How badly do the tariffs and the trade dispute endanger the global economy? In Australia, commodity giant BHP Billiton posted a sharp drop in profits after its strategic withdrawal from the USA.

The outlook for the near future is cautious. There are enough sand deposits in Germany, but because of the high weight of the raw material, transport routes are kept short. As a result, prices rise in the event of regional bottlenecks – this makes building more expensive in Berlin and the Ruhr area. Rising temperatures and melting ice arouse interest in new sea routes and mineral resources in the Arctic.

Will there be a race or a conflict? Most of the resources have already been allocated, and many disputes have been settled. A guest contribution by John Woitkowitz The fact that the eternal ice of the Arctic is melting also has political consequences.

The race for the vast natural resources of the Arctic Circle is on. Russia is expanding its lead this year as well. By Volker Petersen Important raw materials for Germany as a location for innovation are in danger of becoming scarce.

Experts warn that the demand is significantly greater than the supply. The high dependency on imports, for example for e-mobility, is also a problem. For the first time in 16 years, the price of palladium is higher than that of platinum. The reason for this is also the diesel scandal among German car manufacturers.

By Daniel Saurenz and Franz-Georg Wenner China is North Korea’s most important trading partner. But recently the neighboring country has also been applying pressure and implementing UN sanctions. Beijing, for example, is reducing the import of raw materials – almost to zero for some goods. At the group headquarters in Kassel, the board of directors has big plans: Germany’s largest listed raw materials company has ordered a structural restructuring.

Instead of potash and salt, it will in future be called agriculture and industry. A separate IPO is not planned. Sand is a precious raw material and the construction industry is in enormous demand.

It consumes billions of tons every year. Even desert countries rely on sand imports. “Russia is the most important crude oil supplier for the Federal Republic of Germany. (Photo: picture alliance / Jan-Philipp S) In Germany, the demand for crude oil is falling. Last year, the Federal Republic of Germany bought as little of the fossil raw material as it still does never since reunification.

This continues a trend that began after the turn of the millennium: Germany imported less crude oil than ever since reunification. A good 84.8 million tons of this important raw material, which is processed into heating oil and fuel, for example, were purchased from abroad in 2018, according to the Federal Statistical Office. The imported quantity fell for the third year in a row: in 2016 it was around 91.8 million tons, in 2017 it was almost 90 million tons. The volume of imported crude oil was also at the level of 2017 in 1991, the first full year after German reunification, as the Wiesbaden statisticians explained.

Most of the oil was imported in the period under review in 2005: 114.5 million tons. By far the most important supplier of the raw material for Germany is Russia. With around 29.2 million tons, Germany obtained a good third of its oil from there in 2018. Almost nine percent (around 7.6 million tons) of the total import volume came from Norway and around 8.6 percent (around 7.3 million tons) from Libya. Saudi Arabia, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) is the world’s largest oil exporter, according to figures from the Wiesbaden authority, it has lost a lot of its importance as an oil supplier for Germany. Last year Europe’s largest economy purchased a good 1.4 million tons of crude oil from there.

That was just 1.7 percent of total crude oil imports. The importance of crude oil for Germany has been declining for years, as the statisticians have emphasized. The consumption of heating oil fell from 2005 to 2016, as did the use of gasoline. In contrast, the consumption of diesel rose during the period. Consumption is measured in petajoules.

According to statistics, private households in Germany consumed 455 petajoules for heating with oil and 1315 petajoules for driving with petrol and diesel in 2016. Source: ntv.de, jpe / dpa / AFP “Anders Fogh Rasmussen is the new NATO Secretary General. The Dane took over Office of Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. Rasmussen’s first working day at NATO headquarters in Brussels is this Monday and on Tuesday he will chair a meeting of the North Atlantic Council for the first time.

The 61-year-old Dutchman de Hoop Scheffer had held the post since January 2004. Since then, the North Atlantic Defense Alliance has grown from 19 to 28 members. Afghanistan remains the most important challenge for the new civilian NATO chief. There, NATO leads the international protection force ISAF with 64,500 soldiers and has to secure the presidential elections in the next few weeks. Experts also expect an autumn offensive by the radical Islamic Taliban.

Rasmussen will also have to try to maintain the troop strength. The former Danish head of government also has to face the fight against piracy off the Horn of Africa. NATO is planning a longer mission off the coast of Somalia. Rasmussen was considered one of George W. Bush’s closest allies in the “war on terror.” (Photo: REUTERS) There is also a conflict with Russia over the one sought by Georgia and Ukraine The two former Soviet republics join NATO. Also on the agenda is the practical implementation of France’s return to the command structure of the military alliance and the development of a new “strategic concept”. It defines the basic tasks, goals and perspectives of NATO, which was founded in 1949.

The last was adopted in 1999. With a view to the conflict in Afghanistan, the new NATO Secretary General advocated negotiating contacts between the Alliance and radical Islamist Taliban groups. Rasmussen told the Copenhagen newspaper “Politiken”: “There are groups among the Taliban with whom one can speak in an attempt to create reconciliation in Afghanistan.” But it is also clear that there is a hard core that only has respect for military power and is out of the question for agreements. Rasmussen also mentioned agreements between NATO and the EU to allow cooperation between the international ISAF unit in Afghanistan and police contingents sent by the EU. Rasmussen announced that he would “travel to Turkey very soon”. In an interview with the broadcaster Deutsche Welle he said: “I want to take concrete initiative to strengthen the partnership and cooperation with Muslim countries.” Source: ntv.de, dpa “The trucks of the aid convoy are back in Russia. (Photo: imago / ITAR-TASS) After the controversial aid convoy left Ukraine, Russia now claims to have acted with the tolerance of Kiev.

The government accuses the drivers of taking technical equipment with them on the return journey, and the government in Moscow has dismissed NATO accusations of alleged Russian fighters in eastern Ukraine. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen had told Russia that Russian soldiers had been active on Ukrainian territory since mid-August. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow announced that Russia is adhering to the principles of international law, and that the controversial aid convoy for eastern Ukraine has also been approved by Kiev. Ukraine emphasizes the opposite. The day before, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry stated: “We can no longer bear the open lies and the refusal to reach an agreement – Russia has decided to act.

Our humanitarian aid convoy starts in the direction of Luhansk. “The convoy had stood at the border for days due to unresolved security issues. The leadership in Kiev even accused Moscow of smuggling production facilities into Russia in the returning trucks of the aid convoy. From the Topas armaments factory in the separatist stronghold Luhansk radars have disappeared, said Andrei Lysenko from the Security Council, which Moscow rejected.

The trucks are at the border and everyone can see for themselves that they are empty, said Eduard Tschischikow from civil protection. All drivers have also returned. Ukraine had voiced the suspicion that the chauffeurs were in fact Russian special forces who would remain in Ukraine to reinforce the insurgents. Ukraine’s intelligence chief had spoken of a “direct invasion” and President Petro Poroshenko had criticized a breach of international law.

The EU Commission certified Moscow a “clear violation of the Ukrainian border”. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon was “deeply concerned”. Source: ntv.de, che / AFP “The Italian government is providing one billion euros with a view to the Olympic Winter Games in Milan and Cortina in 2026. The money will be used to modernize the transport infrastructure in the northern Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, where the Olympic competitions are held. “With this funding we will upgrade the infrastructures in some of the most developed regions of Italy,” said Transport Minister Paola De Micheli: “It will improve the quality of life of the people and improve the competitiveness of companies. “The construction measures are to be carried out in accordance with the latest environmental standards. Since the government in Rome will order a new lockdown for Lombardy on Friday in view of the increasing number of corona infections, the start of construction work will be delayed February 2021 is the first time the Alpine World Ski Championships there is a big test event in the calendar.

The World Cup is to take place from February 9 to 21. Source: ntv.de “Rome will host the European Athletics Championships in the Olympic year 2024. The Italian capital prevailed against the Polish Katowice.

This was announced by the European Athletics Association EAA. The Roman application included plans to take the shot put decisions in the Colosseum. This is the third time that an EM will take place in Italy. Turin hosted the European Championship premiere in 1934, the Rome Olympic Stadium was the scene of the title fights as early as 1974. Poland has never hosted a European Athletics Championships.

The Summer Olympics will take place in the French capital Paris in 2024. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance.

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