First, it is important to explain why you think you are suitable for this specialty.

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First, it is important to explain why you think you are suitable for this specialty.

However, such concessions should not be abused, as it negates the very idea of ??learning a language abroad. Victoria Skrypnyk,


Career growth is impossible without professional growth. In addition to the MBA, German training institutes offer a number of programs that will help to reach a new level.

Life after graduation: learning is just beginning

Advanced training is a must today for those who want to build their careers and succeed. With this in mind, many German institutes offer training programs designed specifically for professionals with higher education and work experience, including foreigners.

German University of Advanced Training (Deutsche Universität für Weiterbildung), European Correspondence University of Hamburg (Europäische Fernhochschule Hamburg), Cornu University in Hagen (Fernuniversität in Hagen) … According to the German Foundation for Independent Expertise in Goods and Services and advanced training employs more than 20,000 educational institutions in Germany. Their portfolio includes a wide variety of offers, from one-day trainings to multi-month courses and correspondence master’s programs.

Understand yourself and others

“To choose the right program, I advise young people to think about what exactly they need additional education for,” says Rozvita Grassley, head of program development at the German University for Advanced Training. Are any specific knowledge required for promotion? Or maybe self-development is more important to you? According to the expert, first of all you need to understand your own goals. Then – estimate how much time and money you are willing to invest in training.

Familiarity with experts and colleagues from abroad can be a significant addition to the acquired knowledge. The best opportunities for expanding professional relationships are those programs that require a personal presence in the classroom. Narrowly seminars will help to reach people who are interested in the same specialized subject as you. “Think about which contacts may be useful in the future and which program makes it possible to establish them,” the expert advises.

Intercultural communication for a career

The most popular programs among foreigners include one- and two-day management seminars, which teach, among other things, conflict resolution and negotiation. Foreigners are primarily interested in issues of intercultural communication, says Jana Felkel-Kitzmann, director of the Institute of Management Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann. Topics such as leadership and working time are also very popular.

In addition, foreigners are offered highly specialized training programs (Fachspezifische Zertifikatsprogramme or Zertifikatskurse). For example, the German University of Advanced Studies offers a deeper study of some aspects of clinical research, and the European Correspondence School in Hamburg offers courses in economics, logistics and law.

You can study almost without leaving home

Another form of postgraduate education in Germany is distance learning. All educational materials, such as video lectures and relevant literature, are available on the online platforms of educational institutions. Communication with teachers and classmates takes place on the Internet.

Unlike short-term trainings and seminars, such programs give students the opportunity to earn credit points, which are recognized in all countries participating in the Bologna Process. So you can gradually get a master’s degree. For example, first take a six-month course in finance, and then enroll in a master’s degree in this area. Previously earned points will be credited, and passed items will not have to be repeated.

German advanced training institutes also offer a full undergraduate or graduate program. Distance learning here, however, most of these programs require a personal presence in the classroom, even once every few months. During such visits, students take exams and complete practical assignments.

If the trip is unavoidable, you should contact the administration of the educational institution for visa support. “In this case, we send the participant of the program an official invitation, which is required at the embassy. However, we can not fully advise on visa issues,” said Jana Felkel-Kitzmann.

Realistic requirements

Postgraduate education programs are provided, first of all, for specialists with little (one – two years) work experience. “For example, in a course called Change Management, students look at the real situations they face at work. Therefore, professional experience is a really important condition,” says Rozvita Grassl.

The price of such offers ranges from 250 euros for a one-day seminar to 15 thousand for a two-year master’s program. If the program is long, then, as a rule, one month you can unlearn for free to see if the chosen course is right for you. This applies to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as multi-month refresher courses. Depending on the language of instruction, German or English are also required to study in Germany. To find the program you need, you can use the databases at the following links: Search for advanced training programs on the website InfoWeb Weiterbildung. Search for advanced training programs on the website

Authors: Ekaterina Krizhanovskaya / Tatiana Bondarenko

Deutsche Welle 10/31/2012

Angela Versee-Hermann, a professional consultant on the choice of place of study and work, on the intricacies of writing a cover letter

How to write a successful cover letter

Angela has been professionally providing advice on choosing a place to study and work for more than 15 years. She has written more than twenty books on the subject. Some of her books have been republished five times. We decided to ask her about the peculiarities of writing buy a comparison and contrast essay online a cover letter, because this document plays a crucial role when it comes to enrollment abroad. Ms. Angela, what is the main purpose of a cover letter. What do high school representatives want to know about applicants: They want to select students who are particularly capable of learning, and for those students to meet the criteria set by the university. The criteria are very diverse: when it comes to enrollment in a master’s program, then of course the role of assessments obtained during undergraduate studies, but universities are also interested in the first professional experience of the candidate, for example, where and what practice he passed. during preliminary training – student awards, foreign exchange … All this wants to know the admissions committee. Therefore, before you sit down to write a cover letter, it is important to carefully read the terms of admission of students, which are usually published on the website of the university. Sometimes prospective students believe that the cover letter is a retelling of the resume. A resume is an important part of a package of documents, but a cover letter is a bit different. Of course, the cover letter should contain certain points of the CV, but also information that is not in the resume: for example, a list of personal abilities that correspond to the chosen specialty, or the reasons why you decided to go to this university and not another. should contain a convincing cover letter? The cover letter should cover three major areas, which, so to speak, should be a common thread throughout the document. First, it is important to explain why you think you are suitable for this specialty. Second, carefully justify your motivation to study in your chosen specialty. And thirdly, as I have already said, explain in detail why you decided to enter this particular university. What should be considered in the style of writing a cover letter? Write in plain language. Avoid long and too complex sentences, that is – the main sentence and one or two complex subordinates. Then the reader of your cover letter will impress you as a person who can clearly articulate his thoughts. Avoid too casual style, colloquial vocabulary. The text should be divided into clear semantic parts, but do not number them and do not highlight in italics or bold. The text must remain a whole. Structure it with paragraphs. How to engage the jury from the first sentences and encourage members of the selection committee to read the cover letter to the end? Given the large number of cover letters that committee members have to read, it is important to start with a particularly positive moment in your previous student life. For example, it is always good at the beginning to remember the great successes during your undergraduate studies. But you can start by writing about a particularly successful practice or the first professional experience that inspired you to continue your studies in graduate school. But do not repeat the same arguments twice – it will definitely make people bored. How much time should be spent on writing? As a rule, the volume of the cover letter is from one to two and a half pages. Take as much time as you need to say: I have written everything that represents my best side, achievements and abilities, motivation to learn. Do not pull to the last: such an important letter is not written in the timeout. In addition, extra time will not prevent you from letting someone read the cover letter before sending it. What should not be written at all in the cover letter? And what mistakes should be avoided: First, avoid formal mistakes. If you are expected to write a cover letter of up to two pages, you should not write five, this will not make the text better. Send a complete package of documents with all copies of certificates and certificates that are required of you.

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