August, when he was supposed to be preaching in Loerrach, he streamed the demo from Berlin.

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August, when he was supposed to be preaching in Loerrach, he streamed the demo from Berlin.

From his point of view, it looks like this: Science has not proven the virus, no one has ever purified the virus and isolated it. Because the “whole scientific institutions don’t obey the rules”, it’s not about health. He whispers: “Then we have to ask ourselves, what does it have to do with?”  

Only: There is the cleaning of the virus particles and also scientific publications on it. Chinese scientists have reported turning the virus into a vaccine after particularly careful cleaning. Today it is only used for special purposes, for example in a study on the infection of rhesus monkeys. Thanks to advances in molecular biology in recent decades, virologists consider it unnecessary to prove a new virus. 

In the luxury bus to the “Great Corona Info Tour”

The Chinese scientists also have beautiful pictures of the cleaned particles. Eckert could show that when he tours Germany in a luxury bus with ENT doctor Bodo Schiffmann from Monday. Schiffmann caught the eye on Saturday with the sentence that the fascists were in the government. 

For the tour together there is a name “The Great Corona Info Tour” with a corresponding logo. The project is not well received by all of the participants. “As if they were the Rolling Stones,” says Gordon Pankalla, one of the founders of “Enlightenment Lawyers” in a video.

The “Stones” weren’t on the bus yet. Other world stars have already slept in the luxury suite in the back or sat in the conference armchairs above the driver, on which interviews are to be conducted. Who can sleep in the suite and who has to go to one of the bunks in the bus has not yet been decided: “That depends on who has family members on board,” says Eckert. “We are considerate and try to allow as much privacy as possible.”

Duo: Samuel Eckert and Bodo Schiffmann want to go on a “Corona Info Tour” through Germany with a rented luxury bus from Monday. Schiffmann also claims to have bought a bus. This is apparently a vehicle that Formula 1 driver Keke Rosberg had transported from 1995. (Source: C.Hardt / Future Image / imago images)

It may well be that he brings family members on board: he is usually on the road with his wife, who has made a new person out of him. The old Samuel Eckert deserves a name like “hormone-controlled hallodri”: moved out of the household with five younger siblings and foster parents at the age of 19, studied a bit, not a real job, constantly cheating on his girlfriend with several other girls, professional poker player and finally a bartender, that had ended up in a shabby room.

Then Mira came to the bar where he worked. “When I saw her for the first time, I certainly didn’t think of doing anything good for her,” he said on a stage in Switzerland, mostly older men, and they laughed along with them.

Through woman vegetarians and anti-alcoholics

But it’s love, he says. She became a vegan, and so did he. She no longer drinks alcohol, neither does he. They had nothing, “for years we lived on 450 euros”, collected returnable bottles to buy noodles in the discounter, he says. “But we didn’t miss anything.” They wanted to do everything together and in 2014 founded a UG, a “management consultancy in telecommunications, IT and marketing”.

From then on, both called companies by cold calling in order to optimize existing telecommunications contracts *. The film “The Wolf of Wall Street” brought him to this point about a stockbroker who quickly makes his fortune as a winning sales genius. 

Eckert quickly made it to a Tesla Model S and thus to an apparently unofficial world champion title **: In August 2017, he drove from the North Cape to the southern tip of Europe in Spain with the shortest charging time. The elaborate tour plan should advertise the efficiency that his company stands He streams live while on the go.

The follow-up tour in 2018 with many pre-registrations was canceled, but Eckert had meanwhile also launched other companies. He is the managing director of at least five companies in Switzerland, all of which share the same address and whose number of employees he does not talk about.

With “Fluchthelfer” to Switzerland

He landed in Switzerland through someone who chatted in an interview in 2016 on a channel called “lateral thinking TV” under the motto: “1,001 entrepreneurs flee to Switzerland – an insider ‘Escape helper’ unpacks “. The” escape helper “from the video was the first managing director of Eckert’s first company there.” He gave us the opportunity to move to Switzerland, “he tells t-online.” I have myself looked around where I have entrepreneurial potential for my company. “

Eckert uses an absurd comparison several times: “That is exactly the same thing that everyone in Syria or Africa who wants to go to Germany does.” Ten more horses would not bring him to Germany. In Germany, women would no longer go jogging in the evening and the children would no longer be able to go to school, he said at a lecture in Switzerland. Is that so? “If I’ve seen it that way, it’s a fact for me.” That’s an interesting definition of “fact” for someone who believes in “truth”.

Eckert can also sell himself and his message extremely well. He has not attended courses or seminars, he explains t-online. God endowed him with the abilities to be in the place where he is now. He now has the routine of dozens of lectures as a lay preacher at the Seventh-day Adventists, a Protestant free church. He was there as a child, graduating – and has converted again since 2015. “My wife has prayed that I should follow her,” said Samuel Johannes Michael Eckert in a video. “The Lord made it happen.”

Active as a lay preacher for 45 of 52 weeks

Back with the Adventists, his foster father took him to visit a church where Eckert himself spoke. *** The foster father is an ENT doctor from Sinsheim and has known Bodo Schiffmann for years, and Eckert shares many views with him: “Die His favorite patients are those who all have diseases, “said Eckert in a video. They are open to “the truth”.

Eckert spoke at the community and was immediately asked by the next communities. It quickly landed in the sermon plan of the Baden-Württemberg parishes. “I then gave lectures as a lay preacher for 45 of 52 weeks in the year.” Until a sermon in the summer, according to information from in Kehl. After the text appeared, Eckert says it was a different place. The reaction after that must have hurt him. “One has the same opinion dictatorship in the church as in the Federal Republic of Germany.”

The way he feels about the dead sisters and brothers in Mexico is certainly not well received by Adventists. The Adventist press service reported 275 member deaths from Covid-19 in the state of Chiapas. And Eckert? “We have an essential basic scientific problem that has not yet been clarified. As long as that is not clarified, such claims are very, very vague.” The people at the top of the world, “the politicians and so on,” could tell the people what they want, “because the people believe them, because they are fooled.”

Quarrel over sermon text 

A sermon text is responsible for his release from the field service, whether in Kehl or at another location. In any case, he was unwilling to change the text in future sermons. It’s about the Revelation of John, the Apocalypse. This plays a bigger role with the Adventists, and fundamentalist Christian circles see the corona crisis as a portent for the end of the world.  

Eckert sees the apocalypse imminent and has linked the mask with the Antichrist, according to Adventist circles. His interpretation is completely unchristian, he has maneuvered himself into a dead end. The Adventist spokesman for Germany did not comment. He told t-online that the church naturally supports government measures to contain the virus.

Eckert told t-online that he could not remember for sure whether “Antichrist” had fallen. But the mask belongs to the system of oppression and is something “against which every Christian should stand up”. In his own words, Eckert never wears a mask. “I should keep my conscience clean before God. I don’t have a certificate either, because I believe that my conscience doesn’t need a certificate.” A Christian cannot wear a mask. “Nor does the Bible speak of contagion anywhere.” 

That is his truth, to which he adheres uncompromisingly. He uses a quote from the black civil rights activist Malcolm X: “If you are not ready to die for the truth, remove the word from your vocabulary.” Like Luther, he draws the parallel more often: “We have to go back to the attitude like Martin Luther, who was outlawed and yet said he cannot withdraw.”

The reprisals that one is exposed to go much further, it will also be a question of whether one goes into captivity to stand up for “the truth”. As 500 years ago, when Luther did not revoke his theses in Worms before the Reichstag, Germany is now playing a key role again. He won’t buckle.

Wave wave: Samuel Eckert took his subscribers on a video tour of the luxury bus. Otherwise rock stars will go on tour with it, now, according to his announcement, he is with the “Great Corona Info Tour”. (Source: Screenshot Youtube / Samuel Eckert)

“It will burn violently soon”

“Awakened” he calls out to be patient. “People will arrive when it starts to burn. And in this world it will soon burn immensely, if we look at what is coming in this world economically.” That is why it is good when dark times come, then the light will also become clearer. God will give strength and experience “to see this thing through to the end”. In an interview with YouTuber Heiko Schrang, who is also active in Corona demos, it is not important whether another system comes out or this or that happens. “The important thing is whether I could give everything in my area of ??responsibility.” Preacher Samuel Eckert wants to be pleasing to God, no matter what the cost of the others. 

But no longer as a preacher with the Adventists. On August 1st, when he was supposed to be preaching in Loerrach, he streamed the demo from Berlin. “Nothing happens by chance,” he comments. On the dates when he was supposed to speak to the congregations, he now evangelizes as a lateral thinker. “In this respect, I now have more lectures and sermons.”

And that in the network too. He’s already worried that his YouTube account could be deleted, but he is also building up other appearances on the Internet. There is even a kind of “Samuel Children’s Channel” on Telegram, completely shielded: anyone who posts a video of a child or young person under 18 and a photo of their ID can enter. The alleged age limit from ten years is not seen as narrow.

Access control: There are several screenshots on Twitter, which apparently show requests for inclusion in the children’s group of “Querdenker” Eckert. According to research by t-online, they are real. Age is not taken so seriously. (Source: Screenshot Telegram)

Sect expert worried about children’s channel

In the group, according to Eckert, child psychologists should also take care of the children “who have no one else to talk to about their worries”. Christoph Grotepass from the advice center Sekten-Info Nordrhein-Westfalen sees this with concern: “If a channel is operated there to potentially influence children with conspiracy narratives, that is something that should be checked with a view to a possible child welfare endangerment.” 

And then Eckert goes on a missionary tour with the rented luxury bus from the rock stars. He will talk again about love, peace, freedom, maybe also demand respect. He said everyone could believe everything: Flacherdler that the earth is flat, and Christian Drosten that every third person dies of Corona. Does he find it respectful to put spinner on the same level as the world-renowned scientist and to accuse Drosten of things that he never said? Eckert replies that that was just a subordinate clause. During one of the speeches he had triggered particularly loud applause.

Experts warn: Intensive care physicians expect more corona deaths First applause, then boos: Cabaret artist Schroeder exposes ” lateral thinkers ” With “lateral thinkers” in constant use: Vertigo doctor Bodo Schiffmann as party leader shows on video call from the stage: naturopath solved Rampage out

Perhaps the bus will also bring him near caretaker Güttlich. The 400 euros, said t-online, was worth Eckert to him. “It’s not about the person, it’s about the matter,” he believes. “And I was unable to work that day, but I would have spent 400 euros that day for travel to and from the hotel and ancillary costs Eckert made me feel like I was there. “

* An earlier version said they had sold telecommunications contracts to the companies. Samuel Eckert corrected in a video that the aim was to optimize existing contracts using cold aquisition. ** At this point we reported that he had achieved an entry in the Guinness Book of Records with it. On his side about the tour, the successful world record drive was reported after the end, but according to Eckert it was never entered in the Guinness book. *** At this point it is specified that it was not the first visit to a church after returning to the Adventists, but only the first that Eckert spoke himself. **** At this point we wrote that Eckert had let “von Ganser” convince you. Eckert had already dealt with it beforehand, as can be read in the following text.

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According to the environmental organization Greenpeace, the majority of baby milk food offered in Germany comes from cows whose feed has been genetically modified. “However, there is a clearly positive trend,” said Greenpeace agricultural expert Alexander Hissting. “By the end of 2010, around 25 percent of baby milk formula will be GMO-free.” This was the result of a survey among the providers

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